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At Texas Business Finance (TBF) we are dedicated to working with Texas businesses of all sizes to assist them in securing the funding they need to not only to grow but to thrive in this great State.  We do the heavy lifting when it comes to navigating through the complicated world of business finance and removing the obstacles to funding your dream.   

We have the resources

It can be very disheartening to spend time working on funding only to find that you have hitched your wagon to the wrong horse.  

We are well connected to funding sources that are ready, willing and ready to provide you the funding that your business needs.  

Within 24-48 hours you'll receive 2 to 3 offers from our lending partners. Gaining multiple choices helps you make the best decision for your business. 

We Close Loans

We know that like most things, it needed to get done yesterday.  Time is money. After we have basic information about your business, we pre-qualify you for funding with NO IMPACT to your personal or business credit.  

We strive to get you a funding commitment and close your loan within 2 weeks.

Put us to work for you today.

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We Fund your business needs

Revenue Based Advance

 Funding $5,000 - $2,000,000 

• Alternative funding program (FICO 525+) 

• Industry driven (medical, service, retail the best) 

• Get up to 10% of gross annual sales • Funding in as fast as 48 hours 

• No collateral needed 


Business Term Loan

 Funding $25,000-$5,000,000 

• Low monthly payments 

• No personal collateral 

• Funding in as little as 2 weeks 

• Term loan or line of credit 

• Long terms (3 - 25 years) 

• Rates as low as 6% 

  • Business loans


Unsecured Business Finance

 Funding $20,000 to $150,000 

• No collateral - no income docs - no financials needed 

• No age requirement for business - great for startups 

• Business credit cards 

• Credit does not appear under the person but on the business 

• Funding in 3 weeks 


more available funding options

Equipment Finance

 • 100% Financing 

• Fixed monthly payments 

• Build business credit 

• Preserve working capital 

• No large upfront costs 


Business Directed Retirement Account

 No credit or bank involvement 

• Be the investor and the owner of your business 

• Prevalent in the franchise industry 

• Avoids tax penalties 

• 5 years consulting 


Merchant Cash Advance


  • Rates can be up to 50% lower than a cash advance
  • Fixed rate and a fixed term that are clearly spelled out ahead of time.
  • Loan amounts tend to be higher since they are calculated on total annual sales vs. credit card sales only
  • The interest paid is tax deductible further lowering your cost of funds
  • Early payoff options are available


Business Resources

Legal Assistance


For business, having the proper legal counsel can save you money and headaches over the long haul.  From corporate structure to lawsuit protection and avoidance.  To find resources, click here. 

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Healthcare Plans


Good luck understanding and then locating affordable healthcare plans for your small business.  You need to secure a reliable resource to assist you.  Click here.

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HR and Staffing Assistance


Are your  spending more time handling employee related issues instead of focusing on driving revenue generating initiatives? From payroll, to hiring and compliance issues.  Get the help that you need here to run a better business.

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Tax Help and BookKeeping Assistance


 Businesses small and large need to get their accounting tasks done--bills need to be paid, and financial statements need to be compiled, or at least for tax returns. Get the assistance you need here.

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IT Support


How will you keep up in this ever changing world of technology?  What about cyber security?  Desktop support?  Phones?  Servers?  If you lack the expertise, knowledge and/or time to manage it all, click here for help.

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Marketing and Sales Support


Customer acquisition and retention is the lifeblood of every business.  How do you plan on securing new customers?  What methods will you use?  EMail marketing?  Direct mail?  What is your value proposition?  Is your message clear?  Are you reaching your target audience?  Click here for help. 

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