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Mobilization Funding Program

GC Job Start-Up Funding

Texas Business Finance Mobilization Funding Program provides short-term capital for the early stages of construction projects. Texas Business Finance Mobilization Funding Program helps hundreds of    companies in all aspects of the construction and manufacturing    industries across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Our unique contract financing program backs contractors, subcontractors and others who struggle with traditional lending but have a history of solid performance and need additional dollars until they start receiving payment for their work. 

What can the dollars be used for:

  • Pay for bonds
  • Labor, 
  • Materials, 
  • Equipment and 
  • Other project-specific expenses.

The Texas Business Finance Mobilization Funding Program can help you and your business to: 

  • Save money from vendors with early or on-time payment.
  • Put the right amount of labor on the job from the start.
  • Operate stress-free knowing you have the capital available to perform on the job.

What is needed to apply?

  • 3 months of bank statements for all business accounts
  • Year to date & prior year Balance Sheets
  • Year to date & prior year Income Statement
  • Most recent Corporate Tax Return
  • Purchase Order, Contract, or Invitation to Bid 
  • Current Accounts Receivable
  • Current Accounts Payable


How long does the funding process take?

About 5 business days upon receipt of the completed application.

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?

$25,000  and up.  A standard loan is not more than 20 percent of the total contract value

How long do borrowers have to pay back the loan?

A payment schedule will be established before the loan is issued and is set based on the terms of
the contract. Repayment is typically capped at 150 days and occurs with the first 2-3 pay apps.

What are the basic qualifications for the Texas Business Finance Mobilization Funding loan?

  1. Be a registered, active business with at least 1 year of successful work history. 
  2. Have purchase orders or contracts with a total value of $250,000  or more. 
  3. A payment schedule that allows repayment within 5 months.

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